subject: The toxin may cause sustained damage to the actual enemyPosted: 8:39pm, Feb 25, 2016
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According to the of the recognized website, the assassin had been armed with knives, is a type of mysterious occupation, agile, quick and gorgeous attack through dodge and sneak at the rear of enemy lines, using Ninja dart, and so on. and remote restraint within the night is the adversary, nightmare, is a toxin, attack.
Internal force won't be recovered in the no combat state, so the management of internal force is essential. To sneak in behind one another, can get the top hand fighting. A many moves needed in stealth condition display, therefore can maintain stealth condition may be the key to success.
The actual assassin at singled, make good utilization of the double stealth and two strokes may bring huge advantage. In stealth, the assassin has a number of restrictions on the range of the enemy. But the disadvantage is how the small number range associated with attack moves, life worth is low, in most of the battle efficiency is bad, should be avoided. The toxin may cause sustained damage to the actual enemy, and may cause additional damage to a few of the skills. After practice, the assassin's moves can change greatly, that there is really a clear goal for long term development. ififa888

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