subject: AEIGM vehicle emission pollutionPosted: 6:01am, Jan 16, 2016
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Ask 1Motor vehicle emission AEIGM is how much?The first half of 2014, Beijing released the AEIGM research results of PM2.5 source apportionment. The annual PM2.5 sources in Beijing, local pollution "contribution" AEIGM for 64% to 72%, which, motor vehicle, coal, industrial production, dust is the main source, respectively, AEIGM for 31.1%, 22.4%, 18.1% and 14.3%, fifa 16 coins.In that, the local pollution sources in Beijing, motor vehicles AEIGM for over 3, the PM2.5's contribution to the maximum.Deputy director of the Municipal eso gold Protection Bureau AEIGM motor vehicle emissions management Lian Aiping, vehicle emission pollutant type most is also the most complex.

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