subject: AEIGM entertainment discipline inspectionPosted: 5:51am, Jan 16, 2016
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Some days ago, by AEIGM discipline inspection and Huang's exposure in the micro Bo, caused AEIGM stance of Hong Kong artist Wang Xigang alone. He therefore participate in their own reality show < great challenge > all AEIGM from being deleted and cannot delete the panorama also was the mosaic processing. This CCTV hardcore AEIGM won the point like many users and fifa 16 coins, have denounced Wong on Facebook improper words and deeds.AEIGM overwhelmed AEIGM in micro blog issued a statement denying yourself in Hong Kong alone, said his unprovoked detained in Hong Kong alone AEIGM, and apologized for his face book insulted the late prime minister's remarks. In eso gold, such as Wong has many faces AEIGM star nor in the minority, let us to take stock of what stars do not seek death will not die.

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