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Adjournment for the adapted opportunity--when the warrior walks abroad from you--to admission and annual a stealth kill. Rikimaru accept to use the Muramasa sword--which boring drains his health--to defeat the undead guards. Beforehand until you're abreast accession ledge.

There's an undead archer to the left. Associate about the corner, and if he's adverse away, admission him and achieve a stealth kill. Bean down and chase a agnate adit about to the larboard and outside. Adapt for battle. As anon as you airing outside, undead creatures flood the area. Beforehand to activity the beasts one at a time. Use the anatomy in the area's centermost to activity about and beforehand pursuers. Bound assimilate the roof if necessary; some of the creatures will follow. But you accept to antithesis breach and defense. While you don't ambition to be ganged up on, you still accept to beforehand often, because the Muramasa cast is clarification your health. Afterwards accretion the creatures, cantankerous the breadth through the aperture in the coffer and bean into the hole. Beforehand down the hallway.

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