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NEW YORK -- After losing out on Nnamdi Asomugha, the New York Jets turned to their backup plan: the guy they were trying to replace. china jerseys . A person with knowledge of the deal told The Associated Press early Monday morning that the Jets agreed to terms on a four-year contract with Antonio Cromartie, keeping the cornerback in New York. Cromartie, acquired last off-season from San Diego, was solid for New York opposite Darrelle Revis, finishing with 42 tackles and three interceptions. The person spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity because the team hadnt announced the move. "They say Cro is back, Cro is back all GangGreen fans say is," Cromartie wrote on his Twitter page. "Im on my FLT headed home glad 2 b a JET...lets go win a Superbowl." The move capped a huge day for the Jets, who signed wide receiver Plaxico Burress to a one-year deal earlier Sunday. After signing wide receiver Santonio Holmes, their top priority, the Jets went after Asomugha and were one of the favourites to land the most-coveted player in free agency. But Asomugha surprisingly signed with Philadelphia, leaving New York to turn to a familiar face. The Daily News and ESPN New York reported the deal is worth US$32 million. Cromartie had said recently that he wasnt going to give the Jets "a hometown discount" despite wanting to be back with the team, but took less than Asomugha got from the Eagles and what Johnathan Joseph got from the Houston Texans. New York made it clear it wanted Asomugha, who was considered an upgrade from Cromartie. Not that Cromartie was at all bad last season. Coach Rex Ryan just imagined a "No-Fly Zone" secondary with Revis and Asomugha, both considered by many to be the best cornerbacks in the league. Apparently, Cromartie had no hard feelings. And, if there were, it was nothing a long-term deal couldnt fix. Getting Cromartie back is a nice fallback for the Jets, who would have been scrambling to find a replacement. They drafted Kyle Wilson in the first round last year, but he might not be ready to be a starter after struggling mightily early last season. Cromartie, who also drew interest from Oakland and San Francisco, had some impressive moments at times for the Jets, and seamlessly filled in for an injured Revis early last season as the teams top cornerback. He even showed he could be a solid kickoff returner, setting up the winning touchdown in the playoffs against Indianapolis with a 47-yard return. The Jets could use him in that role again this season after losing versatile Brad Smith, the teams primary kick returner a year ago, to Buffalo. New York acquired the talented but troubled Cromartie from San Diego for a conditional third-round draft pick in 2011 -- which became a second-rounder based on his production. He was considered one of the rising talents in the league in 2007, when he was an All-Pro in his second season after getting an NFL-leading 10 interceptions, but struggled on and off the field. Cromarties tackling was an issue in San Diego, but he vowed to get better when he came to New York, and clearly improved in that area although he led the defence in penalties. Cromartie was also dealing with paternity issues at the time of the deal, with seven children by several women, but the Jets advanced him $500,000 to help clear that up. He has since married reality TV star and model Terricka Cason, and often tweets about the joys of family life and his faith. The Jets reported for training camp at their facility in Florham Park, N.J., on Sunday, with their first practice scheduled for Monday afternoon. "Ok guys taking off c u guys at Florham Park," Cromartie tweeted early Monday. "God Bless u all...Jet sailing 2 be a JET...goodnight 2 some and good morning to others Im out." Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping . Not a hard-hit ball, by any means, but at least 50 feet beyond the infield. Wholesale NFL Jerseys Supply .C. Lions. The middle linebacker rejoined the CFL club Thursday after failing to catch on with an NFL team. . The Texas Rangers werent taking any chances with the left-hander who keeps winning for them and is in line for a spot on the AL All-Star team that will be led by his own manager. nfl china jerseys . -- When Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant finally emerged from the Los Angeles Lakers locker room late in the first quarter, they got a standing ovation just for walking to their seats. Wholesale NFL Jerseys . 12 in the latest International Rugby Board world rankings.TORONTO -- Donald Fehr and the NHL players have a little more to mull over. NHL commissioner Gary Bettman said the league tabled the remaining elements of its opening contract offer to the NHL Players Association on Wednesday. It was an expansion on the opening proposal the league delivered July 13, which included a decreased share of hockey-related revenue, term limits on contracts and a 22 per cent salary rollback. "We left some open issues that we have to get back to but the overwhelming scope of our proposals are on the table," Bettman said. "We walked the players and the Players Association through those so-called nuts and bolts proposals and the process continues." Bettman cited training camp and the grievance procedure as examples of nuts and bolts proposals. Fehr, the NHLPAs executive director, said Wednesdays talks covered a wide spectrum. "Essentially we got a list of, in some cases proposals, and a lot of other cases ideas and talking points from the owners about various portions of the agreement," he said. "What theyve called their principle proposal was the salary cap reduction and a couple of matters attendant to that. "This consisted of a lot of (what) we should incorporate into the agreement, understandings weve reached over the course of the last agreement, we want to change this, this further explains what we told you last week about this subject, heres a topic we want to talk to you about." All of which, Fehr said, is part of the negotiating process. "By the way, Im not criticizing," he added. "Its an accepted way of bargaining to say, Rather than say this is what we want, here is something we want to talk to you about, and see if we can come to an understanding. "Thats what weve done with a wide variety of areas and theyve had that stuff from us for 10 days to two weeks." Fehr said some of the issues touched upon Wednesday included training camps, injuries, roster moves and medical care. While the union must continue wiith its analysis of these issues, he didnt think the two sides were very far apart on them. Wholesale Jerseys China. "On a lot of things I dont think therell be a big difference in opinion." he said. "On some other things we have to analyze what the actual affect of moving from A to B would mean for the individual players, our staff and agents that would be working on those matters. "I dont think thats a terribly long process but its not a five-minute turnaround either." The NHLPA has yet to table a counteroffer to the leagues July 13 proposal, but Fehr has said that should be forthcoming in a week or two. "The counterproposal that you all keep talking about is a counterproposal on the hardcore economic issues," Fehr said. "On the rest of this stuff there has been back and forth . . . theyve had a fairly significant list from us of the areas we want to talk about for 10 days to two weeks now or a little longer. "Were continuing to work on the economics of what the commissioner has called (the leagues) principle proposal. As I think you know, we requested a fair bit of background information with respect to those proposals and theyve indicated they are compiling that but we dont have it yet. Hopefully that will be forthcoming in the near future." The two sides will gather Thursday before resuming talks next week in New York. This session marks the fifth consecutive week that Bettman and Fehr have sat across the table from one another in contract negotiations. The current collective bargaining agreement is set to expire Sept. 15. And although both sides could mutually agree to continue talking past that date, Bettman made it clear the NHL would prefer to have a new agreement in place by Sept. 15. "Were focused on making a deal on a timely basis," he said. "Im not going to speculate at this point as to what would happen if we are not in a position to make a deal by then. "Our goal is to move this process along as quickly as possible." ' ' '

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