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Positional distinctions are disappearing. Rushing yards are losing meaning. And offensive and defensive schemes are shifting from game to game?—?if not drive to drive. ,Authentic Ty Montgomery Jersey,The most popular sport in America is changing faster than it ever has before?—?yet the way we talk about the game has largely stayed the same. It’s time for the conversation to catch up to the shifting concepts redefining front offices and gameplay nationwide. So welcome to The Ringer’s You Don’t Know Football Week, where we’ll explore and attempt to better understand the evolutions already occurring on the gridiron?—?and the reboots we’d like to see make their way to the game next.

Peppers was the über-athlete; he played snaps at 11 different positions. In his final college season, he was a 205-pound linebacker who projected to the NFL as safety,Authentic Quinten Rollins Jersey, a position he played earlier in his college career. But he also had experience playing running back and returning kicks. OhJabrill Peppers was a trial balloon for the modern NFL. The league is supposed to be more accepting of hybrid players who can play multiple positions thanks to coaches who are supposed to be getting more creative. At Michigan,womens Brett Hundley Jersey, and he could play corner, too.

where positional designations mean less and less every year,womens Braxton Miller Jersey,If the NFL is truly going the way of basketball, then Peppers should’ve been a top prospect. And Cleveland’s decision to take him with the 25th overall pick seemed to suggest as much.

Except,Authentic Kevin Johnson Jersey, Peppers himself would beg to differ. He does not think NFL evaluators did a particularly good job with him.

“The one thing everyone loved about me in college hurt me at the next level,”womens Nick Martin Jersey, Peppers told me of his versatility.

When I suggested to Peppers that coaches and GMs must’ve loved his ability to play across the field,womens Ty Montgomery Jersey, he immediately pushed back.

Peppers said he doesn’t regret where he played because his Wolverines won a lot of games during his tenure.) A typical conversation with teams during predraft meetings, went like this: “They said, Peppers told me, ‘You do everything. ,Authentic Brett Hundley Jersey,”You’re here,He said that “88 percent” of teams hammered him for playing too many positions in his college career and not playing his eventual NFL position—safety—enough. (For his part, you’re here, you’re here. We’re going to play you at one position. How can we be sure that you’re going to master this position?’”

” Peppers said. Without any classes to attend or strict limits on practice time,“My response was: ‘Everything I do now is just sheer athleticism.’ I didn’t really have the privilege to just keep ironing and sharpening my craft at one position,womens Quinten Rollins Jersey,Peppers told coaches he’d master whatever position they asked him to play.

it just did not add up to me, Peppers said. “I didn’t really try to defend myself,Authentic Nick Martin Jersey, it’s like—if you didn’t think I could play a certain position,Authentic Braxton Miller Jersey,'If I can do all of these things at a high level and you don’t think I can do one thing at a high level,womens Kevin Johnson Jersey, don’t draft me. I didn’t say that, but that’s how I was feeling.”

at least right now, your flexibility can reach a point of diminishing returns. womens Tyler Ervin Jersey,If you’re doing too many things,Positional flexibility is generally a positive in the NFL. Bill Belichick has long valued the defensive back who can play safety or corner. Guards who can play tackle and vice versa usually have longer careers than one-trick linemen. But Peppers suggests that, then teams will worry you can’t do enough things well. Given how he said NFL teams reacted to his collegiate positioning, Peppers is worried his experience will give pause to the next generation of flexible defenders whose coaches ask them to perform multiple roles.

” Peppers said of amateur players who play multiple positions. “I feel like now people are going to shy away from it, based off of what I went through.Authentic Tyler Ervin Jersey,“ They’ll praise you in college for it and when it’s time to get to the next level,“I kind of felt it sent a bad message to kids going to college, all these doubts seem to circulate. [Evaluators] seemed to flip-flop.”

Remember, he was the one who brought all of this up.
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