subject: Learn From a Failed Business ModelPosted: 4:36am, Sep 9, 2017
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"It is hard to watch what many companies are going through today. Automakers, the news media, entertainment industry businesses, banks and other financial institutions--they and others are being seriously challenged by market forces, technology shifts and the changing dynamics of a global economy. Some of them are fighting for their very survival". - Bridget van Kralingen, general manager for IBM North America

How does a Bad Credit Loans Near Me high tech or Internet company succeed in 2012 and beyond? You must, first, understand why so many have failed in the past and continue to fail in the present day. The mistakes of the past should not be repeated.

In 1984, IBM was sitting on top of the world with a ton of money and a steamer trunk filled and successful business outcomes for their huge client base. They were the number five company among the prestigious Fortune 500 and were best known as the "world-beater" in technology. Unfortunately, IBM executives and their shareholders snowed themselves into believing that no competitor in the world could ever challenge their greatness. They were dead wrong.

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