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This article isn't going to separate the scams from the tried and tested weight loss programs. It's not going to point out the dangers of alternative medicines or the legitimacy of them. Instead, we're going to look at the beginning of weight loss...where it all starts, and why the starting point is important. Then we're going to see what goes wrong from point A to point B, and discover what's missing from modern weight loss programs.

Weight CLA Safflower Oil Weight Loss loss starts from a desire...something in the head and not in the body or on a plate. It might be the desire to look good. It might be a desire to stay fit. More often than not, it stems from a negative desire and not a positive one. For example, most people aren't into weight loss to look good, but want to lose weight so they won't look bad. Or maybe a recent visit to the doctor made someone aware that they're suffering from overweight, and it may contribute to heart problems.
There's nothing wrong with a negative motivator, but for long term commitment, positive inspiration is almost always more effective. So perhaps one of reasons weight loss fails for binge dieters, is that they're not focused on the positive aspects of weight loss...or perhaps the positive aspects aren't reinforced by outside influences.

To illustrate this, we can look at today's weight loss trends and compare them to what was happening twenty years ago in the eighties. Right now we have programs like Atkins. We have Kirstie Alley telling us how great she looks and how much weight she lost. We have pill and formula vendors telling us weight loss is as simple as the thirty second routine of taking a drug.

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