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Was another learning student of mine at a different school. A sweet, quiet, persistent 15 year old boy, he had given no signs of worrying behavior throughout the educational school year. One day, G. came to institution with a strange T shirt. Typically the T-shirt had the colors (white letters on black font) and the distinct letter event of a neo-nazi party's signs and letter style. Typically the writing was of nationalistic content and the whole prospect reminiscent of a specific group. A point was made by no colleague about the T-shirt, except two of us, who have went to the head-teacher to make the decision the course of FIFA 18 Coins action. The head-teacher's position was: "Perhaps, it shall get worse if we give it attention.

If we ignore it, it might go away". In reality, the actual head-teacher was afraid. In a national country, whose last dictatorship resulted in 1973, whose last municipal war ended in 1949 as well as where citizens have been completely filed for their political views for many years, the reflexes of survival are activated in the collective memory of the social people, turning many co-workers in education mute regarding such 'political' matters. If a neo-fascist adult gang operates in the area especially!

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