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We know that the home layout is the need for the soul, people for the pursuit of beauty is constantly changing, more decoration style began to integrate into our home decoration. Maybe you might ask how to make your home more vivid and shiny?
As a very important part of the home decoration, many small partners in the choice of the floor will always encounter a variety of questions: like this color and my home style ride does not take, will not look good, into the building materials Stores, can always be dazzling array of vertigo, I do not know how to start. At this time, if you want to get what type, color flooring nice answer, then we need to choose according to the decoration style, no doubt this approach is the most secure.
In order to meet the style, should choose the main color line, try to avoid the use of red or dark brown wood floor with. Or to highlight the solid wood of the original texture of the new solid wood flooring, can make the indoor life more fun, reflecting the human and environmental technology and fashion frontier.
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