subject: Behave like a bunch of Cheap NBA 2k17 MTPosted: 2:09am, Jan 17, 2017
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The artificial intelligence will behave like a bunch of Cheap NBA 2k17 MT spoiled athletes. They will do countless dubious things such as double teaming the mediocre players and take ill-advised shots. Why the hell the artificial intelligence would leave a player like Kobe Bryant and LeBron James wide open is beyond me. There are maneuvers that you can perform (ala cross over dribbles) that will make the game easier, but the game is never arduous at all. It was fairly obvious that little to no time was spent on the animations and collision detection because anyone can easily score points in this sport.

I learned that there is no need to work with any exotic plays since you can just teleport through the safety without any resistance. It was almost such as defense was holding up indicative that read "I agree, so let me help this game is won by you by escorting you to the basket. "

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