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She grew up in the Bronx as Ella Geisman, the child of an also star in an 18-year marriage to actor Dick Powell. But Moncler Kids Vests then, in 1963, her husband, nearly two decades her senior, died of cancer at 58. His "Junie face" drifted into depression, into drink and into a disastrous second marriage. She dropped from sight.

But all that is prologue. Now 60ish yet still spunky as ever, the 5'1" actress with the husky, dusky voice Powell said made her sound "like Jimmy Durante, only froggier" is out with an autobiography, June Allyson (G.P. Putnam's Sons, $14.95). One was needed. MGM had flogged her as a Goody Two-Shoes honor grad (actually, she was a high school dropout), and hoked Moncler Kids Coats up romances with Van Johnson and Peter Lawford to add spice to her every-body's-sweetheart image. Yet gossips tagged her as a scheming nympho, and Joan Moncler Kids Jackets Blondell, who divorced Powell the year before he married Allyson in 1945, flayed her in a novel featuring an unflattering June-like character. "Every major actress," says Allyson, laughing, "gets whispered about when she first hits it big."

By her own account, June was an eager innocent whose life was largely Best Foot Forward, was a smash. More good fortune came when Powell saw the musical and decided she was "the cutest little thing anybody ever saw." After landing in L.A. the next year Moncler with just $21, she struggled to get started in movies, and was about to give up when her friend Lucille Ball told her firmly, "You're going to stay." Sure enough, she scored in her first big film, 1944's Two Girls and a Sailor. Powell, with whom she worked in another movie, told her, "You're going to be a star."
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