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amoebaOS - The Most Advanced Online OSStarted: 11:32pm, Jul 26, 2008 by
Well, it's been a long haul, but I've got a new product on the cusp of release.
amoebaOS represents my greatest achievement as a programmer, and it's free.
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JavaScript Tips & Trade SecretsStarted: 2:40am, Dec 5, 2007 by
I have been coding in JavaScript for a number of years.
Read some of the knowledge I have gained that can be archived textually.
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PHP DiscussionStarted: 2:42am, Dec 5, 2007 by
PHP is one of the best server-side internet-based programming languages.
The best way to learn PHP is to start coding right away.
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SoftwareStarted: 2:19am, Dec 5, 2007 by
I have created a few good applications for Windows machines.
Discuss them here. Comments and suggestions are always welcome.
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Cellnotes.ca API & ProtocolStarted: 3:35am, Dec 5, 2007 by
In here, the JavaScript gets very, very intense.
Honestly, you have been warned.
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