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Apr0509Apr 05, 09

It looks like I have finally found an easy solution to a very annoying problem I was encountering while trying to establish a domain mail forward between two accounts on one host, when the destination is using Google Apps. If you use a reseller account and have mail forwarded from one domain to another on the same reseller account, you have probably encountered this same issue. The problem is due to the default MX record created by cPanel / WHM during account registration. The MX record is set to the domain itself, so that the server knows to keep mail locally when forwarding from one account to another. This is certainly correct if you are planning on hosting your own mail, but most people are using Google Apps because it is a stellar free email (and more) solution. If you are using a hosted email solution like this, the default MX record set by cPanel is incorrect! In this case, you'll want to change the record to whatever your hosted email server is, for Google Apps you will enter

Now, if you're just keen on getting the email forwarding set up (the "domain forward" email setting), remember these instructions are for the target domain. Changing the MX record for the forwarded domain will not solve the problem.

I hope this helps people, because I've been looking for a quick solution to this and nobody seems to have published anything until now.

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Worked great for my sites!!
Thanks a bunch
Legend. This is a fix a LOT of people are looking for!
Absolutely. Feel free to share it around!
It's working fine..... appreciate your knowledge sharing....This is a fix a LOT of people are looking for!
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