Turn your Ubuntu into Mac OS X Leopard

May1308May 13, 08

There is nothing like using a Macintosh computer, directly resulting from their unprecedented Operating System experience. For individuals who have already purchased a PC (non-Macintosh), it usually seems like all hope is lost of ever finding an Operating System as comfortable and convenient as Mac OS X.

Well, I am here to tell you that you can indeed make your PC look and feel like a Mac for free, in a legal way! The process is simple, and outlined below:

  1. Download and install Ubuntu 7.10 "Gutsy Gibbon" (available here).
  2. Install Avant Window Navigator (see guide here).
  3. Download Mac4Lin 0.4 and it's installation guide (available here).
  4. Follow the comprehensive guide that you just downloaded, carefully making sure each step is completed correctly.
  5. There is only one known "bug" with Mac4Lin 0.4. Checkboxes and "Radio buttons" (round "select only one" checkboxes) display improperly by default. This is easily solved by following these three simple steps:
    • Open a terminal window (ALT+F2, type gnome-terminal, press ENTER)
    • Copy and paste the following into the new terminal window, then press ENTER:
      cd ~/.themes/Mac4Lin_GTK_v0.4/gtk-2.0/Check-Radio mv check2.png check3_.png mv check3.png check2.png mv check3_.png check3.png mv option2.png option3_.png mv option3.png option2.png mv option3_.png option3.png
    • The checkboxes and radio buttons will be corrected once any open applications are closed and re-opened.
  6. Enjoy your custom-made version of Mac.
This article is not a promotion. Ubuntu, Avant Window Navigator and Mac4Lin are freely available, open source entities.

About Jason Miller:

I am a JavaScript developer from Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. When I am not typing green code onto a black screen, you might find me at the nearest coffee pub checking out the brew. I run a internet firm called developIT and maintain blogs and web apps when I can.
is it a real osx or a look alike does this process work with unbuntu 8.04.1
It looks and feels like OSX, and it works if you use the newest version of Mac4Lin. There should be a version specifically made for 8.04, or look for the Gnome 2.2x version. Other than that change, the process is the same. Make sure you still need the radio button fix before you run that script, but don't worry - if you run it in error, just run it again and it will revert the changes.
Hi J.
How much of a PC does it need to be? Could I run it on an old 286 or do I need something a little more up to date?
I don't think Ubuntu would run well on a 286, and in order to run compiz (required by Avant Window Navigator) your graphics card has to be capable of 3D acceleration - not likely to be the case in a 286. The minimum I would recommend would be a 500 mHz machine.
Does this work with ubuntu 9.04?
well it might take a year until some1 answers dat question..
I'll try it for myself :-)
Much less than a year - this should work perfectly with 9.04. The only difference is that it might not require the bugfix (step 5). Take a look at the checkboxes and radio buttons after step 4 to make sure they are displaying properly.
I'm very happy to announce that Mac4Lin has been declared as one of the finalists at Sourceforge.net Community Awards 2009 in the Best Visual Design category. The final phase of voting began today and will run till July 20th 2009. Please vote for Mac4Lin, if you feel it deserves to be voted. To vote click on this image:


Optionally, you can also click on the first box in the right frame on my blog (http://phoenix-ani.blogspot.com). You do not need to Sourceforge.net login id. All you need is a valid email id. Each vote is associated with an email id, which needs confirmation that you actually voted (you will get an email giving a confirmation link, so all you need to do is click it). The whole voting process takes just 3 clicks.

I urge patrons to vote for Mac4Lin if they feel it should win. Mac4Lin is completing with projects like Xbox Media Center
(XBMC) etc. I once again thank everyone for their continued support, feedback and appreciation. Mac4Lin exists today because of you all :) Do spread the word around about this.
Have you considered creating a distro out of Mac4Lin? I would certainly use and recommend it if it were available. I'm a little frustrated with the WiFi problems in Leopard and I would love to use Ubuntu with the Mac look & feel...
Is it worth switching to ubuntu just to do it?
Nope. Switch to Ubuntu to use a good OS. Theme it like OS X if you get bored.
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