Leopard Linux, Part 1: Gnome Login Screen

Jan1108Jan 11, 08

This is the first of a multi-part series in which I will be explaining how to modify your Ubuntu Linux machine so that you have the flawless look & feel of Mac OS X Leopard. Indeed, Mac4Lin is great - that I cannot argue - but there is more work to be done! So, in this tiny little tutorial, you will learn how to install a "login screen" theme for your computer. Let us begin.

  • For the sake of this tutorial, try my new Ubuntu-Leopard Login Theme.
  • Simply download the .tar.gz file, and remember where you put it.
  • Now, under the "System" -> "Administration" menu, choose "Login Window", and enter your password when prompted.
  • Under the "local" tab, click the "Add" button (next to the theme selector).
  • Find the file you just downloaded (UbuntuLeopard_GDM_theme.tar.gz), and click "Install".

The theme is now installed and will be active the next time you see the login screen!
To quickly try it out, click the power button and select "Switch User".
When you are done drooling, just enter your login information to restore your session.

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