Compiz VS. Firefox Full Screen

Nov2008Nov 20, 08

I just wanted to post a quick note for people using Firefox's full screen functionality in combination with Compiz. They don't mix, do they? I've been struggling with this issue for a while now, because as you might imagine, it is extremely inconvenient while using the Online Operating System I am developing.

Well, I've got a simple solution, and it won't require you to forfeit all of the features of Compiz right off the bat. The problem occurs when Compiz' Desktop Cube ability is enabled, along with Rotate Cube, and it seems to be heavily tied to mouse activity. Try opening Firefox in fullscreen (press F11 on your keyboard), and then click around a bit. The freezing that you see is the primary issue I've been troubled by during development. Now, disable Desktop Cube and Rotate Cube in CompizConfig and repeat the experiment.

I believe the question that remains is, how can one cope with no rotating cube? I'm going to try life without it, but the decision lies with each individual user.

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I am a JavaScript developer from Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. When I am not typing green code onto a black screen, you might find me at the nearest coffee pub checking out the brew. I run a internet firm called developIT and maintain blogs and web apps when I can.
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