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Your Computer has More Web Browsers Than you Think

Mar0411Mar 04, 11

I'm going to be posting the screenshots I take of amoebaOS running in strange situations here. I'm starting this off now, because I thought this one, in particular, was interesting:

Turn your Ubuntu into Mac OS X Leopard

May1308May 13, 08

There is nothing like using a Macintosh computer, directly resulting from their unprecedented Operating System experience. For individuals who have already purchased a PC (non-Macintosh), it usually seems like all hope is lost of ever finding an Operating System as comfortable and convenient as Mac OS X.

Well, I am here to tell you that you can indeed make your PC look and feel like a Mac for free, in a legal way! The process is simple, and outlined below:

  1. Download and install Ubuntu 7.10 "Gutsy Gibbon" (available here).
  2. Install Avant Window Navigator (see guide here).
  3. Download Mac4Lin 0.4 and it's installation guide (available here).
  4. Follow the comprehensive guide that you just downloaded, carefully making sure each step is completed correctly.
  5. There is only one known "bug" with Mac4Lin 0.4. Checkboxes and "Radio buttons" (round "select only one" checkboxes) display improperly by default. This is easily solved by following these three simple steps:
    • Open a terminal window (ALT+F2, type gnome-terminal, press ENTER)
    • Copy and paste the following into the new terminal window, then press ENTER:
      cd ~/.themes/Mac4Lin_GTK_v0.4/gtk-2.0/Check-Radio mv check2.png check3_.png mv check3.png check2.png mv check3_.png check3.png mv option2.png option3_.png mv option3.png option2.png mv option3_.png option3.png
    • The checkboxes and radio buttons will be corrected once any open applications are closed and re-opened.
  6. Enjoy your custom-made version of Mac.
This article is not a promotion. Ubuntu, Avant Window Navigator and Mac4Lin are freely available, open source entities.
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