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Dec0107Dec 01, 07

SurfsUp is a solid new web browser that aims to bring simplicity and speed to everyone who wants it (and runs Windows). Efficient code makes SurfsUp run quickly and quietly on any computer, so if you have an older machine, you've found an application made for you. One of the best features at this point is how tiny SurfsUp is, currently 60.3 kb (most recent beta version/nightly build). If you consider that the image at the top of this website is over 100 kb, and the text in this article is about 10 kb, you can see why a 60 kb web browser is so great.

SurfsUp will be a tabbed browser in the future, but for now we've disabled the feature because there are still a few bugs to work out. Enjoy browsing the internet knowing you will be using tabs soon.
Download the most recent SurfsUp nightly build
Nightly Build - Sept. 12 2007

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Awesome! I can use it on my friends ancient Gateway super quick! Thanks!
Thanks for the comment - feel free to let me know how it goes.
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