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JSONify Bookmarklet: Quickly Format JSON Responses

Apr2810Apr 28, 10

Another quick release: the new JSONify bookmarklet!
Do you constantly find yourself interpreting JSON data returned from API calls? This bookmarklet takes JSON output that is difficult to read and auto-indents and formats it in place. Just open up the API method in your browser and click the bookmarklet.

JSONifyDrag me into your bookmarks!

JSONify+ colorDrag me into your bookmarks!

  • Updated: better support for JSONp responses - strips out callbacks before parsing

Code to URL: Multiline URL Encoder/Decoder Tool

Mar2110Mar 21, 10

Again, serving my own needs I created a quick little tool to get the URL-encoded version of arbitrary text. This is a really quick way to convert multi-line code segments into a single-line format that can be passed as a URL parameter.

Instant Bookmarklet Converter

Mar1810Mar 18, 10

I created this little script that converts full-blown JavaScript code into it's bookmarklet equivalent. Paste your code into the first box and copy the resulting bookmarklet from the second. 0.5

Jan1910Jan 19, 10 is Gmail for your Mac OS X machine. It uses Prism to wrap Gmail in a warm and fuzzy layer of Apple, and features new mail notifications (requires the Growl framework), unread message count on the dock icon, and playing sounds when messages are received. Hit the link below to download.

Installation Note: will only run when placed in your Mac's Applications folder. Anywhere else, it will not start up.

Audio Bookmarklet: Play MP3s From Websites

Jul1609Jul 16, 09

Monday Freebies!

Update: Now supports Firefox 3.5

Free stuff is always good, and this needs to explaination. Drag the button below into your bookmarks and click it when you think there might be audio (visible or hidden) on a page. The bookmarklet will search for any MP3 files and allow you to play and download any songs it finds.

It also looks cool. Just drag the button to your browser toolbar:


Try it out on or use the wonderful Google MP3 Search.

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