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Conceptualized as an on-line word processor for cell phones, Cellnotes has become the king of on-line Operating Systems. Let me explain. Cellnotes was supposed to be a simple and easy to use cross-browser XHTML/CSS/JavaScript document editor mimicking the functionality of desktop word processors. This functionality was dropped during development, in favour of a much more broad approach to bringing desktop-like functionality to the web. Cellnotes was torn down, and reconstructed as an on-line Operating System, though the Cellnotes name was kept and version numbers continued as before. The current public version of Cellnotes is stagnated because development for that OS was dropped in late 2007. The platform was not suitable for running larger applications like mail clients and word processors, and required a lot of computing power simply in order to boot. Another drawback of the Cellnotes 5.x release series was it's lack of source security. All the applications were developed using non-anonymous function definitions and there were no measures taken to reduce the risk of source code stealing. Albeit an internet plague, the stealing of source code would likely have caused too much grief for developers wishing to create and maintain unique applications to run on the Cellnotes platform.

Now we arrive at Cellnotes Business 5.3 BETA

Due to issues with confidentiality, Cellnotes Business is still hidden from the public eye. Accounts and registration are frozen, and the login screen disabled in order to speed up the development process. A new version of Cellnotes is something to look forward to if you like to access your desktop from anywhere on earth - or if you are interested in developing for a new and exciting platform. Cellnotes Business applications are created using Object Oriented JavaScript, which runs incredibly fast due to the hundreds of performance optimizations built into the OS. 

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I am a JavaScript developer from Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. When I am not typing green code onto a black screen, you might find me at the nearest coffee pub checking out the brew. I run a internet firm called developIT and maintain blogs and web apps when I can.
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