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Nov2608Nov 26, 08

Having your attention from the naive title, I would like to introduce a concept that seems to be foreign to the people at Twitter.

I'm glad Twitter has provided a widget script for bloggers to use, but I've made the decision to remove it from my site. Why? I'm not happy about the speed. I'm sure the blog widget isn't a top priority service for Twitter, they have other things on the go (uptime, searching for a great new character count limit...). Perhaps some websites are already slow enough that a 10 second load time for the twitter widget actually benefits them by reducing peak server load. At the risk of sounding like an elitist (okay, okay, I'm a Mac), I wouldn't wait 10 seconds for any website to load.

I leave you and leave a public request:

Twitter: This type of script and any requests it makes scream caching and/or pre-generated static files. Why would a simple script take so much longer to load than a full page on Twitter?

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