Twitter Not Working in Internet Explorer?

Aug0109Aug 01, 09

I don't have an installation of Internet Explorer handy for testing this out, but the PageGlimpse service we use on uses the Internet Explorer COM model to grab pages when they we request them. Someone shortened a Twitter status page (url), and I happened to notice the screen capture looked absolutely terrible:

I'm not sure what version of Internet Explorer PageGlimpse is using, but whatever it is, Twitter isn't supporting it. Has anyone tried opening up Twitter in Internet Explorer 6?

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Marcio Castilho#

It could have been a temporary problem downloading the CSS for the webpage.

You can request the URL to be recaptured again via our API

Marcio Castilho
Marcio: Ah! it looks like that was the case. Too bad they haven't dropped support yet!

Out of curiosity, what version of Internet Explorer does the PageGlimpse back-end use?
Marcio Castilho#
Currently we use the rendering engine of Internet Explorer 7


that is a bit of a surprise. I am waiting to be able to get a screenshot of arbitrary HTML, but it looks like that will happen in the browser first..
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