Skittles Berry Sexplosion

Oct0107Oct 01, 07

The newest flavour of skittles recently hit the market, and being a sucker for those chewy pebbles I grabbed a bag. One of the first things I noticed was the single, out-of-place looking piece of candy pictured on the front of the bag. The background image used on the wrapper is the same as was used in previous flavours, only now the red skittle on the center of the wrapper has created some mischief! Simply because of its isolated placement and branded "S", the piece of candy has made a new Skittles flavour:

Skittles "Berry Sexplosion"! new!

Alright, enough prefacing! Some pictures and a video of this hilarious production idiocy can be found below:

A picture of Skittles, Berry Sexplosion flavour.
Another picture of Skittles, Berry Sexplosion flavour.
A third pictures of the new Skittles Berry Sexplosion flavour.
Skittles Berry Sexplosion Video (MPEG-4 Video)

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Bob Smith#
heheheh lol. I may assume there's a bunch of loser pervs in the marketing division at skittles?
One would assume so, because it's terribly obvious... there is no possible way they did that by accident :P
Wow that's pretty incredible, there's probably only one real comment i can make on it though... I love ubuntu.
@aYearBehind: I thought so too. I can't remember where I put that wrapper, but I imagine I still have it. I love Ubuntu too - though I'm looking at Mandriva and Sabayon more and more these days..
im eating those skittles right now...
I think they changed the location of the "S" skittle on the package since I wrote this, didn't they?
frank corden-horne#
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