New Google Icon

Jan0909Jan 09, 09

There is a new official Google favicon! Here it is:

New Google Icon

Personally, I think it looks a little too much like the old Windows Media Player logo. What are your thoughts?

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I like it even better than the old one now, although I liked the old one just as much around this time in (4-5 days in), because the FIRST one was so bad. the thin borders gave me the experience of a graphics driver error or software imperfection.

But I don't know why they STILL didn't make it a 32-by-32 pixel icon, now it's ugly on my desktop with my XP 'Big Icons' setting. Google's bit-shaving and it's not always good. I had to make icons in Paint myself which have a white rectangle or square background (no transparent ) because I couldn't find any on the web. For Google Maps and Gmail I took icons from Google X.
Same for Google Reader. The only one that's okay is Google Docs.

Can't a 96-by-96 pixel icon be offered to Google Chrome's

It isn't pointless that the Windows flags & WMP icons, the eBay logo, the old Apple logo, Google's, Gmail's & Google Talk's logo and the Google Chrome, Desktop and Pack / Updater icons all use the 4-basic-colour scheme:
It's appealing, playful and, when done right, it doesn't get old as quickly as, say, the color scheme of

Or this site...


If you don't believe me, come tell me you don't think that Rubik's cubes & variants are appealing, playful and don't get old.

Thanks for the insightful comments.
I couldn't agree with you more, if you notice this site's favicon is actually 128-by-128, so it would be fairly decent when used on the desktop (though it is about two years old from when I started the site).

The Rubik's cube thought is interesting - you are saying Google's icon is better now because it resembles a popular and enduring physical object? That actually makes quite a bit of sense.

I definitely agree that the color scheme here looks aged, and I've been redesigning things on a copy of the site but nothing I've come up with for it has even been worthy of replacing the old theme.

If it helps, I found a huge version of Google's textual logo when I was searching for a large Google icon a while ago:

Perhaps it would be good to release a 256-by-256 version of the Google favicon for people to use on their desktops...
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