How to Ruin Twitter

Jun0509Jun 05, 09

I find it annoying that people choose to treat anything that is popular as a means to expense their life. For example, how many Twitter accounts do you think are operated solely by automated processes? I would estimate this number is very high. The screen captures below are a few of the more pathetic attempts I have seen at automated conversation. If you ever wander into the "Trending Topics" bin, you'll find that there are thousands of accounts using the same system: pick a trending topic, add a completely irrelevant sentence, post.

Apparently Dwight had it coming? The second one is impossible to describe:

It's a TV series, that's not ponder-able.  Big Brother has nothing to do with Microsoft:

These are distasteful, regarding a recently deceased actor:

Perhaps it's time Twitter stepped up and put the measures in place to prevent this incessant robotic rambling. Also, if you were curious, I picked a random link to test - as you would imagine, the links lead to inappropriate content.

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