Free WIFI at Peets

Jan0609Jan 06, 09

How to get 100% Free WIFI with no time limits at Peets Coffee:


I received a friendly email from Jeff of Peets Coffee requesting that I remove this article as the vulnerability is addressed. He also confirmed my fear that this hack actually disables authentication for all visitors after it is used once. Thus, I have removed the article and I urge readers to ask Peets staff for a proper access code instead of using the hack previously detailed here. Also, if you did use the hack at your local Peets Coffee, you should consider letting them know their WIFI is disabled for that reason - it will help speed up the repairs, so you can once again enjoy Peets free WIFI using a proper access code.

In his email, Jeff indicated that Peets Network Infrastructure & Security team is working to update the access points that provide their customers with free WIFI, in response to feedback received from patrons like myself. I would like to thank them for listening to our input, and I'm glad to see community-building systems like Peets free WIFI improve.

It is not my intention to cause trouble for Peets or Peets customers. If Peets or any representative of the establishment above requests that this article be removed, I will be more than happy to do so.

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