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Nov2708Nov 27, 08

Although they haven't rolled the new gmail out on Google Apps yet, I signed into my old standard Gmail account today and found lots of surprises. Primarily, Gmail now supports themes! In addition, the Gmail team has updated the message composer, adding emoticons and an interface that plays well with the new theme capabilities of the rest of Gmail. My favorite theme is "Shiny", but "Terminal" and "Notebook" share a very close second place.

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ya the slideshow doesn't work. the pictures at the bottom do tho.
i think gmail looked better without the themes

Thanks for letting me know - I added a note to the article. I am currently creating an entirely new slideshow script and when it's done you will find it first on this site and

As for your opinion of the new themes for Gmail, that was actually my initial though about this feature. What changed my mind, though, was the ability to use the "Classic" theme to make it look exactly like the old Gmail interface. After a while you will probably find yourself exploring the different theme options as I did. The old interface was a little bright for me as well, which was an annoyance while switching between a text editor (green text on black) to their very white UI.
I don't suppose you have a link to the Notebook theme?

I switched my theme to Star Wars (not realizing at the time it would change my gmail background among other things), and now I can't find the Notebook theme to switch back to. I've been using it for years, and I don't want to give it up.

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