A Clean Apartment

Sep2507Sep 25, 07

Well, I figured it was worth sharing with the world that, after a full week of having my apartment clean and tidy, it is still clean. I even managed to clean off my desk so I can now have dual monitors (which is perfect for web development). Below are some images of the nice, work ethic increasing, mess-free place I am calling "an apartment" (catch the joke?):

My kitchen, clean and germ-free one week.
Also note the tea - not coffee - that is on the counter.
The coffee maker is an ugly "robin's egg blue" and does not fit in.
I wasn't sure what to call this area of the apartment, so it's been given a general name.
To answer questions, yes, those are electric drums, and no you can't touch them.
The books are two textbooks that I was reading, so they are fine being out of place.
This desk will be where literally everything gets done, other than dishes. The monitor is a fuzzy HP71 but it supports any resolution due to one of its many defects. That makes it great for testing out application and site designs on multiple screen sizes. The web server will also be moved to the closet, or replaced by a second server with a half-decent processor and enough ram to support dynamic pages larger than about 1900 characters.

I plan to keep up this cleanliness, so long as the bird doesn't leave droppings everywhere.

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I am a JavaScript developer from Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. When I am not typing green code onto a black screen, you might find me at the nearest coffee pub checking out the brew. I run a internet firm called developIT and maintain blogs and web apps when I can.
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