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Dec0308Dec 03, 08

Please read our privacy policy, which applies to all documents located under the domain

The privacy policy does not necessarily pertain to downloaded media and/or files made available on this website, and does not apply to said media when the media is a publicly available entity (free software, themes, BETA versions, public images, public videos, and files).

Jason Miller Design respects the privacy of all visitors and users, and collects only statistical data for the purpose of traffic monitoring, regional visitor location data, and comment information. Any data drawn from a visitor's computer will be stored only for these purposes. Email addresses, names, and usernames are all personally identifiable information provided by visitors and users. This depth of information is required only when it facilitates administrative actions and/or user interaction, and is only required for extended website functionality. The basic usage of this website does not require visitors to provide any personally identifiable information, nor is it possible to gather such information without directly requesting it from a visitor.

Jason Miller Design reserves the right to modify this policy at any time. It is the user's responsibility to remain well-informed of the current edition of this policy, and notification of changes is not required and may not be provided by the website. This URL will always contain the most recent version of the Privacy Policy, and serves as the reference document for the above mentioned Terms and Conditions regarding website usage and content. For more information on this policy or for assistance in understanding the terms set forth above, please contact the administrator by emailing .

About Jason Miller:

I am a JavaScript developer from Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. When I am not typing green code onto a black screen, you might find me at the nearest coffee pub checking out the brew. I run a internet firm called developIT and maintain blogs and web apps when I can.
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His world has always been black and white, there have been no other colors, he does not allow the emergence of other colors. But when she walked into his sight, she became a rainbow of his black and white life, adding a lot of bright colors to his monotonous world. White ink as its name, if he came to the world when like a piece of white paper, then the color can be painted on this white paper only black ink. He sees the color of pleasing eyes only black and white, and must be the most pure, can not be doped with other colors. His character is calm and decisive, said Fuji, never dragging his feet, like a person alone. Ji Ruhong and her name, lively and cheerful character makes people like to close, see her like to see the rain after the rain, bad mood will be swept away. She is a bit confused, sometimes very dirty, like the bright colors, more like lively. When the white ink to hear the quarter of rainy smile, watching her smile in front of him through, it seems that there is a warm color of light in his black and white world, so that he was at a loss, subconsciously want to escape The Unexpectedly, when the white ink once again to see the quarter when the rainbow, he is to guide her internship predecessors, she in the three months of internship to follow him to learn. After three months of day and night, white ink had to admit that he was tempted for the quarter, hoping that this rainbow can be stationed in his black and white world. In order to pursue quarterly rainbow, white dumping ink willing when she came with the good driver, in her work when faced with problems to help her solve, take her to her favorite place, there are many intimate move, do a lot of their own I do not like to now like the matter, but always did not show her mind. And the slow season Ru-hu to these considerate as the concern of the older generation, from the beginning of the grudge to later accustomed to, did not find themselves in a step by step into the white ink weaving into the network. If it did not happen that thing, perhaps Ji Ruhong one day did not hear the white ink that white will not know that she has long been like white ink. That day, white dumping ink to the field on business, quarter Ruhong to a customer with the customer to negotiate work. Had talked very well, but in the end in addition to errors, so quarterly rainbow know what to do. Her first reaction was to call the white ink, to his help, to hear his calm voice, get the solution after she immediately calm down, calmly solved the problem. After a sigh of relief, quarter Ruhong found that their dependence on the ink, recalled three months since the situation, she understood his mind. When the white ink came back, Ji Ruhong said to him the first sentence is to express their minds, and white dumping froze a few seconds after the happy to accept. Later, Ji Ruhong only know that the original white ink has long been eyeing her prey, quietly cited her network, the results she was stupid to reckless, but she was willing to be a love fool, because she got a white dump all Love. When the black and white life in a rainbow, his favorite color is no longer black and white, but the rainbow rich and colorful colors, his world is no longer monotonous. And she, for him to become a better person, will bring him laughter, will give him support and encouragement, but also when he needs to give him alone space. Two people together for each other's world to add their own unique colors, enrich each other's life.
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