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Mar0409Mar 04, 09

I get a lot of requests from advertisers about running their own custom ads on this site. While I don't accept custom HTML advertisements, I do use three ad networks to help put food on the table. Primarily, you have probably seen the AdBrite boxes at the bottom of each page, which is the best way to advertise on this site because your message is seen site-wide. To have your advertisement placed there, click the Your Ad Here link at the right side of the box.

Privacy Policy

Dec0308Dec 03, 08

Please read our privacy policy, which applies to all documents located under the domain jasonmillerdesign.com.

The privacy policy does not necessarily pertain to downloaded media and/or files made available on this website, and does not apply to said media when the media is a publicly available entity (free software, themes, BETA versions, public images, public videos, and files).

Jason Miller Design respects the privacy of all visitors and users, and collects only statistical data for the purpose of traffic monitoring, regional visitor location data, and comment information. Any data drawn from a visitor's computer will be stored only for these purposes. Email addresses, names, and usernames are all personally identifiable information provided by visitors and users. This depth of information is required only when it facilitates administrative actions and/or user interaction, and is only required for extended website functionality. The basic usage of this website does not require visitors to provide any personally identifiable information, nor is it possible to gather such information without directly requesting it from a visitor.

Jason Miller Design reserves the right to modify this policy at any time. It is the user's responsibility to remain well-informed of the current edition of this policy, and notification of changes is not required and may not be provided by the website. This URL will always contain the most recent version of the Privacy Policy, and serves as the reference document for the above mentioned Terms and Conditions regarding website usage and content. For more information on this policy or for assistance in understanding the terms set forth above, please contact the administrator by emailing .

Who We Are

Jul1908Jul 19, 08

Jason Miller Design is the spot where I put all of my ideas and discoveries. I am Jason Miller, a Canadian web developer and designer and owner of developIT. With so much going on in the business world, it can be relaxing to maintain a website for the sole purpose of personal enjoyment, which is why Jason Miller Design was created. Some interesting facts about this site:
  • Started in 2007
  • The very first website to use JMDWiki CMS
  • "jasonmillerdesign.com" is the longest domain name owned by developIT